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Auto Insurance Fraud

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Auto Insurance Fraud

Accused of faking or inflating an auto insurance claim? Call on Michael L. Fell for your defense.

Following a car accident, disputes are common. In some cases, you may even find that the veracity of your entire claim is being questioned. When this happens, you could easily end up facing criminal charges for auto insurance fraud.

Turn to Michael L. Fell for Expert Representation

Fighting to get the benefits you deserve from your auto insurance company can be stressful enough. Being accused of auto insurance fraud will make matters even worse. But the good news is, Michael L. Fell is on your side. As your fraud defense attorney, he will scrutinize the evidence in your case to discover whether it really does support a charge—or whether it is just wishful thinking on the insurance company’s part.

With early intervention from Attorney Fell, it may be possible to get the investigation dropped before charges are even filed. If charges are filed, Attorney Fell can either defend your innocence or negotiate for a favorable plea deal, as the evidence in the case may merit. As an experienced fraud defense attorney and a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted cases for over 18 years, you can rely on him to judge the prosecution’s inclinations accurately and select the correct strategy for your case.

We Handle All Kinds of Auto Insurance Fraud Accusations

No charge is too complicated for the dedicated team at the Law Office of Michael L. Fell to handle. We can get to the bottom of any allegation. For example we can help individuals accused of:

  • Deliberately damaging a vehicle with the intent of securing insurance benefits
  • Submitting multiple claims for the same accident
  • Submitting a false claim for damage that does not exist or predated the accident
  • Making false statements on an auto insurance application or claim
  • Hiding or abandoning a vehicle with the intent of reporting it stolen

We can also help car repair shop owners and employees accused of the following types of auto insurance fraud:

  • Knowingly accepting business from a person making a fraudulent claim
  • Inflating repair costs to secure a larger insurance benefit
  • Accepting kickbacks from auto insurance agents

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