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Medi-Cal Fraud

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Medi-Cal Fraud

Both doctors and patients accused of Medi-Cal fraud can get an expert defense from Michael L. Fell.

Have you been accused of committing Medi-Cal fraud? Whether you are a patient or a medical provider, a conviction could have serious repercussions for your future.

Not only will you have the burden of a black mark on your criminal record and the inconvenience of various fines, restitution, and jail time, you may also be denied your ability to participate in the Medi-Cal program. Individuals could compromise their eligibility for benefits and doctors could even lose their licenses.

When the stakes are high…

…You need an attorney who is up to the challenge.

Considering how much may be at stake in your Medi-Cal fraud case, it is essential to hire a skilled attorney to defend you. Michael L. Fell makes an excellent choice. In addition to having the requisite legal skills and knowledge, Attorney Fell actually cares about your future on a level that not all defense attorneys seem to attain.

You can rely on him to dedicate an intense effort to finding and implementing the right defense strategy for your case, so as to bring about the most beneficial resolution possible. He will keep you informed and updated every step of the way and stand beside you at every legal appearance you are required to attend.

In many Medi-Cal fraud cases, Attorney Fell is able to secure highly beneficial deals for his clients, under which they repay a portion on the benefits taken in exchange for a reduced charge and/or reduced sentence.

Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, and Pharmacists—Don’t Forget Your Board Hearing

If you are a medical professional accused of defrauding the Medi-Cal system, you will almost certainly be brought before the state licensing board for a disciplinary hearing. With no one to advocate for you, you may end up having your license suspended or even revoked. But with Attorney Fell by your side, you can rest assured that a persuasive argument will be made for you to retain your license, perhaps after completing some restitution, probation, or other minor disciplinary action as the situation may merit.

Time Is of the Essence. Call Now to Start Building Your Medi-Cal Fraud Defense

The moment you realize you may be under investigation for Medi-Cal fraud, call us at (949) 585-9055. That way Attorney Fell can immediately get to work protecting your rights and your position in the case, and you will likely enjoy a faster and more favorable resolution to the matter.