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Securities Fraud

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Securities Fraud

Michael L. Fell will be a strong voice for your defense against securities fraud charges.

Securities fraud is actually one of the more serious types of financial fraud charges you could face. A conviction carries big penalties that could easily reach into the millions of dollars—especially if you are accused of insider trading.

And yet…

…you don’t have to be some big important banker or investor to be accused of securities fraud. Ordinary folks can easily get wrapped up in an investigation, simply by following their bosses’ instructions or by making mistakes in how they attempt to raise money for their own small business.

Trust Your Case to Michael L. Fell

Whether you are accused of securities fraud in a multi-million-dollar deal or in a much more modest transaction, Michael L. Fell will give your defense the same level of expert attention. He will work hard to disprove the allegations against you whenever possible. If the evidence against you is strong, he will direct his efforts to convincing the prosecutor to offer a fair and favorable plea deal, perhaps including a reduced charge and/or reduced penalty.

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