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Workers Comp Fraud

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Workers Comp Fraud

Don’t let fraud allegations keep you from getting benefits. Clear your name with help from Michael L. Fell.

When you’re in pain and out of work due to an injury, the last thing you want to hear is that your workers comp case is being held up due to accusations of fraud.

But if you do hear that you’re being investigated for fraud…

…the first thing you should do is contact Michael L. Fell.

Michael L. Fell is an experienced fraud defense attorney who can come to your aid immediately and help build a strong defense tailored to the specifics of your case. He can handle all the common types of workers comp fraud allegations, such as:

  • Faking an injury
  • Exaggerating the extent of an injury
  • Trying to secure benefits for a non-work-related injury
  • Making multiple claims for the same medical expense

You can rely on Attorney Fell to work diligently and aggressively for a favorable resolution of your case. Depending on the facts of the matter and the assigned prosecutor, this could be a dismissal of the case or a favorable plea deal that enables you to avoid jail time.

Not an Employee? We Can Still Help

Injured employees aren’t the only ones who may face charges for workers comp insurance fraud. Employers may be accused of attempting to prevent workers from receiving deserved benefits. Doctors could also get tangled up in the mess for filing insurance claims on treatments that were unnecessary or never actually provided.

Fortunately, it doesn’t really matter what your role is or what kind of fraudulent activity you are accused of. As a former Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County where he prosecuted cases for over 18 years and as a California Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Attorney Fell knows the law inside out and he can provide a strong defense against any kind of charge. He can even provide valuable assistance to doctors during any professional disciplinary hearings.

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Remember, the sooner you call Attorney Fell the better. So don’t wait for a formal charge to be filed—call (949) 585-9055 as soon as you realize you are under investigation to receive a proactive and aggressive defense.