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Fraudulent Vehicle Registration

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Fraudulent Vehicle Registration

You can fight back against fraudulent vehicle registration charges. Michael L. Fell will help.

If you attempt to avoid a DMV interaction by altering, forging, counterfeiting, or falsifying vehicle registration certificates, registration stickers, license plates, or smog test certificates, you could find yourself in an unpleasant situation, namely facing criminal charges for fraudulent vehicle registration.

Now you may wonder…

…do I really need a defense attorney for this vehicle code violation?

YES, you absolutely do need an aggressive criminal defense attorney like Michael L. Fell if you are accused of fraudulent vehicle registration.

While you may believe you are as good as convicted as soon as you are caught with fraudulent registration materials, the reality is that the state still needs to prove that you actually knew the materials were fake and intended to commit fraud. Without intent, there is no crime. You can rely on Michael L. Fell to help you explore this avenue for your defense.

You may also be able to benefit from Attorney Fell’s expertise in creative sentencing. Thanks to his first-hand knowledge of how prosecutors think (earned during his tenure as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney where he prosecuted cases for over 18 years) Michael L. Fell is often able to convince prosecutors to offer his clients extremely beneficial plea deals. Depending on the particulars of your case, he may even be able to get your case dismissed or help you plea to an infraction instead of a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Don’t Forget Related Offenses

As your defense attorney, Michael L. Fell can of course provide a comprehensive strategy that covers not only your fraudulent vehicle registration charge, but also any other related charges that may be filed. This includes:

  • False information to the DMV
  • False information to a peace officer
  • Forgery of a public seal
  • Disability placard fraud

It is especially important to ensure any accusations of false information to the DMV be addressed appropriately. If not, the DMV could suspend or revoke your driver’s license. Michael L. Fell understands what a hardship this would be and he will work hard to prevent it from happening to you.

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