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Welfare Fraud

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Welfare Fraud

Accused of taking government benefits by fraud? You need serious help from a serious fraud defense attorney like Michael L. Fell.

Have you been accused of committing welfare fraud against any of these programs?

  • CalWORKs
  • CalFresh
  • Medi-Cal
  • Denti-Cal

Here’s what you need to know:

The government wants its money back, and they’re going to be very aggressive about getting it.

If you want your good name back, you’re going to need to be equally aggressive. It all starts with a call to experienced welfare fraud defense attorney Michael L. Fell.

Get the Right Strategy for Your Case

After serving as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney where he prosecuted cases for over 18 years, Michael L. Fell understands how prosecutors think and what their priorities are. This understanding is instrumental in his ability to choose the right defense strategy for every case—based not only on the available evidence but also on the prosecution’s disposition towards the crime.

Attorney Fell is often able to suggest plea deals that offer significant benefits to all parties involved. A typical deal might involve repaying all or a significant portion of the benefits taken by fraud in exchange for a reduced charge and a sentence that does not involve any jail time.

Of course, Attorney Fell is not afraid to fight for a dismissal of the charge when appropriate. For example, if you are accused of misrepresenting your income or other facts in your welfare application, Attorney Fell can work to prove that the misrepresentations were accidental and therefore not fraudulent at all.

We Handle Internal Welfare Fraud Too

Most welfare fraud cases involve recipient fraud, where an individual takes benefits they do not really need or deserve. However, sometimes employees of welfare agencies may also be accused of fraud. These cases can be quite complicated as they may also involve charges for embezzlement, grand theft, forgery, perjury, and conspiracy. Fortunately, Michael L. Fell can serve as your defense attorney no matter how complicated your welfare fraud case may be and how many other criminal charges you may face.

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