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Denti-Cal Fraud

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Denti-Cal Fraud

Protect yourself from aggressive Denti-Cal fraud prosecution with help from Michael L. Fell.

Politicians and prosecutors seek to eliminate waste from the Denti-Cal program and they actively encourage the public to submit complaints about alleged instances of Denti-Cal fraud. Unfortunately this sometimes results in aggressive investigation and even prosecution of false accusations. A conviction for any type of Denti-Cal violation may result in disqualification from receiving Denti-Cal payments.

Don’t Get Steamrolled by Aggressive Prosecution

Let Michael L. Fell Stand Up for Your Rights.

If you have been accused of Denti-Cal fraud, you need to call Michael L. Fell right away. As your fraud defense attorney, he will immediately begin investigating the facts in your case and aggressively pursuing a strategy designed to bring about the best possible resolution to the matter.

Depending on the facts of the case, this may be a complete dismissal of the charges or a favorable plea deal exposing you to the most lenient possible penalty. For example, he might be able to secure a deal in which you agree to restitution of the benefits taken in exchange for probation on a reduced charge. This is exactly the kind of creative sentencing that Attorney Fell is known for in the legal community.

We Handle All Kinds of Denti-Cal Fraud Allegations

At the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we can provide an aggressive, effective, and personalized defense whether you are an individual or a dentist accused of taking Denti-Cal benefits by fraud.

Need Help with a Professional Discipline Hearing?

For dentists, the criminal investigation and prosecution may be just the beginning of the nightmare. You could also face serious disciplinary actions from the Dental Board of California and the Attorney General’s Office—even if the criminal matter is dismissed. Fortunately, Attorney Fell can continue protecting your rights and your reputation by representing you at your disciplinary hearing. He understands the special proceedings that go on as well as the concerns of the Board, and he can often help to secure a fair outcome that will allow you to continue practicing dentistry and even continue providing Denti-Cal services.

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