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Governor Pardon

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Governor Pardon

For expert help in restoring your rights with a Governor’s Pardon, rely on Attorney Fell.

A certificate of rehabilitation goes a long way towards restoring your status as a normal, law-abiding citizen following a felony conviction. But for the most complete restoration possible of your legal rights, you need a Governor’s Pardon.

In most cases, a Governor’s Pardon can:

  • Restore your right to own guns
  • Restore your right to serve on a jury
  • End your duty to register as a sex offender
  • Prevent state licensing boards from automatically denying you a license

Now you may wonder…

…is the Governor really going to want to bother with my case?

Actually, yes. Governor’s Pardons play an important role in the rehabilitative aspect of the criminal justice system. They’re not just for high-profile cases—many ordinary people have been helped and you may be helped too.

Paths to a Governor’s Pardon

For most individuals, the first step to getting a Governor’s Pardon is obtaining a certificate of rehabilitation. But just because you did not qualify for this certificate does not mean you should give up on obtaining proof of rehabilitation and being treated like an ordinary law-abiding person again.

There may be an alternative path open to you, namely applying directly to the Governor’s Office using an Application for Executive Clemency. This is very helpful for individuals who:

  • No longer live in California
  • Were convicted of a sex crime against a minor
  • Are on mandatory life parole
  • Have received a death penalty sentence

The process for making an Application for Executive Clemency is rather complicated, so you definitely want to get a knowledgeable attorney like Michael L. Fell on your side before attempting it.

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