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Consecutive versus Concurrent Sentencing: Learn About the Differences and Why It MattersYou may be researching the different sorts of punishment you might receive if you are facing criminal charges in California. As you proceed, you will come across allusions to both concurrent and sequential sentences, among other sentence kinds. Read on to learn the specifics of how these two vary and how Law Office of Michael L. Fell may assist you in fighting the allegations you are up against. Then contact our office for a free legal consultation at (949) 585-9055.

Understanding the differences

First, let's discuss the distinctions between concurrent and sequential sentences. These are applicable when a person is facing at least two terms of incarceration after being found guilty of multiple charges. During a consecutive sentence, the offender serves one prison term before starting the following one right away.

A concurrent sentence, on the other hand, refers to the execution of multiple periods concurrently. The criminal is released from custody once the longest sentence has been completed. A person facing many sentences should try to have them served concurrently rather than consecutively in order to serve the least amount of time possible.

Several factors influence the sentences that judges impose

Whether a charge is served simultaneously or consecutively is up to the court. The specifics of the charges, the offender's criminal history, the necessity to protect the public from the defendant, the sentencing guidelines, and victim restitution will all be taken into consideration. For instance, someone convicted of two non-violent stealing charges would be considerably more likely to receive concurrent sentences than someone who had been found guilty of murder.

During your sentencing hearing, your criminal defense attorney can be of assistance

There are many reasons why you need a criminal defense lawyer, but even if you admit guilt, you still want a lawyer at your side to advocate for you at the sentencing hearing. We can make the case to the judge that your sentences should be served concurrently rather than sequentially. For more merciful sentencing choices, we have years of experience crafting compelling justifications.

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