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Do Custody Courts in San Antonio Heights CA Prefer Giving Custody Rights to Mothers or Fathers?

It’s no secret that in the distant past, courts were more likely to grant custody to mothers. Genders roles and expectations played part of the role in this, and at the time, many would say it worked. Today’s times, however, are different.

While it’s true that custody rights differ depending on the state, a majority of custody courts across the United States work hard to ensure that the mother isn’t put on a pedestal when deciding who to give full or most of the custody to.

Nevertheless, a common question that people bring up is whether the father or mother is more likely to receive custody in the state of California. Fortunately, Attorney Torrence L. Howell has the answers.

Which Parent is More Likely to Get Custodial Rights in California?

Across the state of California, neither the mother nor the father is automatically presumed to be the better parent nor the one who is “more fit” to care for the child. Therefore, a parent is never granted custody based on their gender.

Rather, California custody courts emphasizes the physical health, welfare, and safety of the child when deciding which parent would provide potentially better care for the child in the long run. The parent’s income, mental stability, past legal issues, home environment, and who the child’s primary giver tends to be (i.e., the parent who usually helps them with their homework, picks them up from school, and so on) would all be considered.

It is very much possible in today’s society for the father to receive full custody of his child(ren). Likewise, it is also true that the court may consider the mother of the children unfit to safely and adequately parent.

In the end, a good judge and lawyer knows that gender should never assume anything about a person’s capabilities or lack thereof. With a just court system, you can be confident that whether you’re the mother or father, you will receive unbiased treatment.

Wanting Custody of Your Child? Reach Out to a San Antonio Heights, CA Attorney Now

Regardless of your title – mother or father – Attorney Torrence L. Howell in San Antonio Heights, CA will be happy to work alongside you to help you get custody of your child. The Southern California attorney focuses on presenting evidence that suggests you’re a good parent while bringing up any dirt on the other parent that he believes doesn’t align with the child’s right to a happy, safe life. Or, if you already have full or partial custody, Howell can also work with you to make any modifications you see fit.

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