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Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Live with an Arrest Warrant

No one wants an arrest warrant but often people think that it is better to wait for the police to find them than to turn themselves in. The truth is that an active warrant can affect your life more than you may realize. Whether the warrant is a felony or misdemeanor, whether it’s for a probation violation or a new crime, we strongly recommend you contact a criminal defense attorney to find out what your options are.

  1. You Can Be Arrested in Public
  2. If you have a valid arrest warrant out, the police can arrest you anywhere they find you. This could happen at work, at school, or even if you are out for dinner. You will have to live your life knowing that it could happen at any moment. This can lead to significant stress, paranoia, and even physical symptoms of anxiety. When you turn yourself in, you can control where and when you are arrested.

  3. You Likely Cannot Fly without Being Arrest
  4. At most United States airports, security protocol requires that all passengers are checked against a database that includes criminal history information. If you have an outstanding warrant, your name is likely to be flagged. You will then not be able to go through security and may be arrested at the airport. If you know you have a warrant and you are intending on flying at any time in the future, you should talk to an attorney about clearing up your warrant.

  5. You Cannot Legally Drive if You Have an Arrest Warrant Against You
  6. When the arrest warrant was filed against you, the court notified the DMV and your license was suspended. Your driver’s license will remain suspended until the warrant is cleared and officials notify the DMV.

    This means that even if you have a warrant for a minor offense, if you are driving then you risk being arrested not only for the prior alleged crime but for driving without a license too. This can significantly increase the punishment you face.

  7. You Cannot Visit a Military Base
  8. If you are required to go to any type of government property or military base for your job or personal life, then you need to talk to an attorney. It does not matter if you are a civilian or if you are in the military, there are strict rules on military bases and you are not likely to get a pass if you have a warrant.

  9. You Are Ineligible for Government Benefits
  10. If you have a felony warrant for your arrest, you cannot take advantage of government assistance programs. This includes food stamps and other welfare programs. If the crime in question is punishable by life in prison or the death penalty, your Social Security benefits are likely to be suspended.

If you have a warrant and want to know what your options are, contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for a free, confidential legal consultation.