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Learn How an Attorney Can Help if You Are Facing Charges of Corporal Injury on a Child

You require legal representation as quickly as possible if you are accused of physically injuring a kid. You need a criminal defense lawyer who will give you the attention you require since these are severe accusations. We at Law Office of Michael L. Fell are aware that sometimes it may seem as though everyone is out to get you. We are aware that it might sometimes feel as though you have already been found guilty before you have ever been tried. Our goal is to assist you.

You at least have one person on your side

Whatever else is going on in your life, your legal position, or the charges against you, our responsibility is to be there for you, and we'll do that. Working with Attorney Fell means working with a lawyer who will watch out for your rights. He will put out the utmost effort to provide the best result for your case involving corporal harm on a child. To schedule a consultation, call our offices at (949) 585-9055 after reading on for more information.

You should develop a legal plan as soon as possible

Whether you like it or not, this allegation carries a lot of baggage. Therefore, you'll probably be better off if you can settle the charge as soon as possible. We advise engaging with a lawyer who can start minimizing the harm to your everyday life right away, even if you merely have a suspicion that the authorities are looking into you or haven't been officially charged.

Get a legal plan immediately rather than waiting to see what the district attorney will do. Before any formal charges are ever brought, we can attempt to get the claims dismissed if they are untrue. The first thing we'll do is identify weaknesses in the state's argument or demonstrate that their evidence was obtained unlawfully. It's probable that the accusations against you will be dismissed if we're successful in either endeavor, or if you're pre-filing, they won't even be filed.

If required, we might be able to negotiate a favorable plea agreement for you

There is one thing you should know about Attorney Fell: If it comes to it, he will zealously assert your innocence in court. However, you might want us to pursue a plea offer if there is a ton of evidence against you and you want the matter to be over with as quickly as possible. He knows how to obtain you the best possible bargain because he was a prosecutor in the past.

Possible measures of defense

Depending on your circumstances and the evidence against you, there may be many ways to defend you against the accusations you're facing. For instance, we may demonstrate that the kid was hurt but that the harm wasn't the result of abuse, we could demonstrate that you were properly correcting the child, or we could demonstrate that the harm was unintentional. Call Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 right now to learn more about your options during a free legal consultation.