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Boating Under the Influence

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Boating Under the Influence

Expert DUI defense attorney Michael L. Fell can lend his skills to boating under the influence charges too.

No one thinks it’s okay to drink on a car trip, because we have laws against open containers in vehicles. But with no such law for boats, drinking while aboard is a common, socially acceptable practice.

Many people are surprised to discover that they can face charges for boating under the influence if they are caught drinking or using drugs while piloting a boat.

What should not surprise you is that an experienced DUI defense attorney like Michael L. Fell can handle “BUI” charges just as easily as DUI charges.

Top Defense Strategies for Boating Under the Influence

In boating under the influence cases, there are two main strategies to consider:

Not Under the Influence: If your alcohol consumption or drug use did not actually cause any impairment in your ability to safely operate your boat, you should not be guilty of boating under the influence. The exception would be if your BAC tests above the legal limit—in this case it does not matter how well you operated the boat; you are still in violation of the law.

However, it is important to remember that just because you blew a 0.08 on a breathalyzer does not necessarily mean you are guilty of boating under the influence. Issues with the maintenance of the equipment or the administration of the test could skew the results. If this is the case, Attorney Fell can help you prove it.

No Reasonable Cause: If you were operating your boat normally and there was no evidence of open containers or drugs in view, a BUI stop may have been made without reasonable cause, in which case the charge should not stand. You can certainly rely on Attorney Fell to protect your Fourth Amendment rights in such a situation.

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