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Driving without a License

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Driving without a License

Caught driving without a license? A conviction doesn’t have to go on your criminal record—if you call Michael L. Fell for help.

In a car-centric area like southern California, not having a driver’s license can be a really big hardship. Depending on others for rides whenever you need to report to work, go to the store, get to the doctor, or run some other errand can be very tiresome. There may be times when you decide to risk driving yourself, and if you’re caught you will face criminal charges for driving without a license.

If this happens to you…

…do not just plead guilty. Instead, call Michael L. Fell to help you.

As an experienced defense attorney who understands how prosecutors think, Attorney Fell can often secure a much better outcome to your charge of driving without a license than you would see if you just pled guilty on your own.

A Great Way to Resolve Your Case

Depending on the circumstances of your case, Attorney Fell will try to achieve a dismissal of your charges.

If you are eligible to have  a valid California driver’s license, but simply let your license expire or forgot to transfer your out of state license in a timely fashion, you may just have to make a trip to the DMV to end your legal troubles. Often, Michael L. Fell can convince prosecutors to postpone cases long enough for his clients to get new driver’s licenses, and then dismiss the charges.

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