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Drunk in Public

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Drunk in Public

Accused of public intoxication? Let Michael L. Fell help keep the matter off your permanent record.

Let’s face it—if you get a conviction for “drunk in public” or public intoxication on your criminal record, it’s really going to hurt you. Employers, landlords, and anyone else who runs a background check on you will see this conviction and likely become very prejudiced against you.

The good news is…

Michael L. Fell will defend your rights, your reputation, and your good name.

As a talented defense attorney, Michael L. Fell has many strategies at his disposal for keeping a highly prejudicial conviction for public intoxication off your record. For example, depending on the evidence in your case, he may be able to argue that:

  • You were not actually in a public place
  • You were not actually intoxicated
  • You were intoxicated, but not of your own accord (such as from a spiked drink)
  • You did not display the specific behavior required under the statute (such as endangering your own safety or obstructing a public street or path)
  • Police violated your rights while investigating the charge

If the evidence against you is weak, Attorney Fell may be able to get the accusation dropped or the charges dismissed and save you from a lengthy criminal proceeding.

Don’t Neglect to Consider Informal Diversion

If drugs as well as alcohol were involved in your case, Michael L. Fell may be able to save you from a conviction by pursuing an informal diversion agreement. Informal diversion is available to individuals with no prior drug convictions. It will allow you to secure a deferred entry of judgment, meaning that once you complete some community service or drug treatment classes, the matter will be dismissed.

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You can rely on Michael L. Fell to treat you with respect and dignity even when everyone else seems to have already decided you’re guilty. To learn more about his strategies for fighting charges of drunk in public, please call (949) 585-9055 now.