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Carrying a Concealed Weapon

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Carrying a Concealed Weapon

When you are allegedly caught with a concealed weapon, make Attorney Fell your first call for an expert defense.

The “right to bear arms” as presented in the Second Amendment has been the subject of much debate, especially in California, where some of the strictest gun control measures in the nation are enforced.

However, even in California you do have the right to carry a concealed weapon. The catch is, the circumstances under which concealed carry is legal are pretty strict.

Concealed Carry Problem? Michael L. Fell Can Help

If you have been accused of violating any of the requirements for concealed carry, turn to Michael L. Fell for expert help determining whether or not you were actually within your rights and whether or not the charge is valid.

Attorney Fell will investigate the evidence in your case carefully and determine which of the following possible defenses may be appropriate:

  • You actually have a valid conceal carry permit (CCW)
  • Though you did not have a conceal carry permit, you were on your own property
  • Your concealed weapon was discovered during an illegal search and seizure
  • You were unaware of the presence of the weapon (in the case of a weapon concealed in your vehicle or in a bag)

Why Trust Attorney Fell with Your Concealed Weapon Defense

Concealed weapon laws are complicated, especially when firearms are involved. But Attorney Fell is no greenhorn attorney who is likely to be confused by the many nuances in the law. In fact, he is a seasoned defense attorney who comes to this work after serving as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney. This experience has equipped him with an uncanny ability to see when prosecutors would be open to a deal and negotiate with them to offer terms that are extremely beneficial to his clients.

Don’t Give Up on Your Case! Call Attorney Fell Now

Even if you think the police caught you dead to rights, Attorney Fell can still help you secure a better outcome to your concealed weapon charge than you could get on your own. Call (949) 585-9055 now to learn more.