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Possession of a Loaded Firearm or Weapon

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Possession of a Loaded Firearm or Weapon

It’s easy to accidentally carry a loaded firearm somewhere you shouldn’t. Michael L. Fell can help resolve your case fairly.

California’s laws on possession or carrying of a loaded firearm are really confusing. Obviously if you are caught with gun you’re not supposed to have, you’re going to be in trouble. But what many people don’t realize is that there are plenty of situations in which you could be carrying your legal firearm illegally—especially if it is loaded.

Fortunately, you can rely on Michael L. Fell to cut through the confusion.

If you retain Michael L. Fell as your defense attorney, he will not only explain the charge to you but also immediately start figuring out if the charge can be disproven. For example, he might be able to show that you were not actually in a “public place” or on the grounds of a “prohibited area” such as a school or courthouse when you were stopped by police, in which case it might be legal for you to possess a loaded weapon that you have a permit for.

Other Defenses for Possession of a Loaded Firearm or Weapon

Even if you were carrying a loaded firearm or weapon inappropriately, there may be other possible ways to defend against the charge. For example, perhaps you didn’t realize you were carrying the weapon. This is hard to argue when the weapon is found on your person, but when it is in your vehicle or in a bag it is entirely possible that someone could have put it there without your knowledge. (Self-defense is also a legitimate excuse for having a loaded firearm or weapon.)

Keeping Charges & Penalties Fair

If you are accused of possession of a loaded weapon under certain aggravating circumstances, such as during the commission of a crime or as part of gang activity, the ordinary misdemeanor charge will be elevated to a felony.

Attorney Fell will work hard to ensure no unfair sentencing enhancements apply to your case. This is really important because in the absence of aggravating circumstances, you may be eligible to complete summary probation for possession of a loaded firearm. This may keep you out of jail and is generally considered the best way to resolve a charge for possession of a loaded firearm when the evidence is against you.

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