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Unlicensed Sale of Firearms

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Unlicensed Sale of Firearms

Michael L. Fell is a skilled attorney equal to the task of defending against even the most complex firearms charges.

In many states, individuals can sell or trade firearms without any special permit. This is not the case in California. As part of our state’s strict gun control measures, all firearm sales, leases, or transfers must be made through a dealer with a valid permit.

Even if you have a valid permit, you could still be accused of violating the law on licensed firearm sales if you make mistakes like failing to conduct a proper background check, selling a firearm to a felon or other individual not legally allowed to have one, or selling various types of illegal firearms or accessories.

You need to take allegations of unlicensed sale of firearms seriously.


Because every single firearm involved will carry its own separate penalty.

Considering that just one count of unlicensed sale of a firearm can be punished with up to 6 months in jail and/or $1,000 in fines, you can see that the stakes can get very high very fast for individuals accused of multiple transactions.


…you can rely on Michael L. Fell to prepare the strongest possible defense in your case.

Attorney Fell has ample experience in defending against even the most serious and complex firearms charges. He can explore all the exceptions found in the law to make sure the charge against you really is valid. He can also help identify any illegal police tactics such as an illegal search and seizure or entrapment that may have been used in your case and make sure related evidence is thrown out.

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