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Resisting Arrest

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Resisting Arrest

Experienced defense attorney Michael L. Fell can protect you from unfair allegations of resisting arrest.

The law on resisting arrest covers much more ground that most people imagine. It does of course cover physical resistance to a law enforcement officer’s efforts to cuff you and take you into custody. However, it also covers other types of interference with the duties of law enforcement and EMTs, such as willfully:

  • Delaying an EMT on their way to the scene of an accident
  • Running or hiding from police
  • Getting between police and a person they want to arrest or question
  • Refusing to give a name during booking

This makes it easy for an otherwise law-abiding person to inadvertently get mixed up in an incident that leads to criminal charges.

Don’t Let Resisting Arrest Ruin Your Future

If you are accused of resisting arrest following a misunderstanding with law enforcement, you might at first be tempted to just sit tight and assume the situation will work itself out.

This is not really a good idea. There is simply too much at stake in a resisting arrest case for you to ever face charges without the assistance of an experienced defense attorney.

Besides the fact that a conviction could result in up to 1 year of jail time and possibly up to $1,000 in fines, there is actually another very important reason that you need to fight charges of resisting arrest aggressively:

A conviction for resisting arrest looks really bad on your record.

Most people associate resisting arrest with something only “criminals” and guilty people do, and so your conviction will definitely affect your reputation and how people treat you.

Hire Michael L. Fell for an Aggressive Defense

As a former prosecutor, Michael L. Fell understands the law on resisting arrest, including the specific elements that the prosecution must prove in order to secure a conviction. You can rely on him to work tirelessly to construct the strongest possible defense for you. This may include securing evidence that shows that you acted in self-defense or that the activities you resisted or obstructed were unlawful.

Plea Deals are Possible

Even if the evidence against you is strong, you don’t have to give up on your hope of avoiding a highly prejudicial resisting arrest conviction on your record. Attorney Fell is well known for his expertise in creative sentencing, and he is often able to negotiate with prosecutors to get the charge reduced or dismissed completely.

We Are Here to Help

The staff of The Law Office of Michael L. Fell is always ready to stand up for your rights against charges of resisting arrest. Call us at (949) 585-9055 for more information.