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Auto Burglary

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Auto Burglary

Fight back against auto burglary charges by hiring Michael L. Fell for your defense.

Under California law, it’s possible to commit an auto burglary even if you don’t actually steal anything. It is enough to break into a car while simply intending to steal (or commit any other felony).


We don’t blame you.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be some sort of legal scholar yourself into order to understand and defend yourself against an auto burglary charge. That’s what Michael L. Fell is here for.

Why Hire Michael L. Fell as your Auto Burglary Defense Attorney

Michael L. Fell is an experienced, dedicated, and aggressive defense attorney who will work hard to ensure your rights are respected every step of the way. He will prevent any illegal evidence from being used against you, and also search diligently for evidence that can be used in your defense.

As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney who used to train prosecutors, he has a first-hand knowledge of how they approach auto burglary cases, including how they will prove the various elements of the crime. Often, if Attorney Fell can succeed in showing the prosecution that their case has serious weaknesses, he can succeed in getting the charges dropped completely.

Attorney Fell is a Skilled Deal Maker

Another reason Attorney Fell makes an excellent choice as your auto burglary defense attorney is that he does not give up on clients, even when the evidence against them is strong. Instead, he focuses on securing the best possible plea deal. He figures out what could possibly by argued and/or negotiated to ensure a lesser charge or even a dismissal.

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