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Bad Checks

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Bad Checks

Keep bad checks from resulting in criminal penalties with help from Michael L. Fell.

Paying by check at a store or other business isn’t as common as it once was. But some businesses do still maintain the dreaded “wall of shame” where bounced checks are posted.

If you have ever written a bad check, you may find yourself facing something far worse than the wall of shame: prosecution under California’s bad checks law.

Wait a minute…

…since when is bouncing a check a crime?

Bouncing a check is not necessarily a crime in and of itself. It all depends on your intent.

When you deliberately attempt to use a check when you know that the account is either closed or contains insufficient funds, you can be charged under the bad checks law. Note that you don’t have to be successful here—the mere attempt to pass a bad check is enough to get you in trouble.

Don’t Get Punished for an Innocent Mistake! Call Attorney Fell for Help.

If you have been accused of writing a bad check but you know you are innocent, don’t panic. Defense attorney Michael L. Fell can help you gather evidence that will prove your lack of criminal intent and result in the charges being dropped. For example, he might look to prove that:

  • You post-dated the check to a date when the account would have funds
  • You warned the payee about insufficient funds and told them to cash the check later
  • You reasonably believed you had overdraft protection
  • Your account was closed or overdrawn due to bank error
  • Someone else wrote the check—perhaps after stealing your checkbook

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