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Breaking & Entering

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Breaking & Entering

No matter what specific charge results from your alleged breaking & entering, Attorney Fell can handle it.

Have you been accused of breaking into a room, residence, business, or vehicle? What about entering one of these spaces without permission?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be charged with one of the following criminal offenses:

  • Burglary: If you entered a room, residence, or vehicle with the intent to steal or commit a felony, you could be charged with burglary. Forced entry is not required for this charge, though many instances of burglary do involve breaking & entering.
  • Vandalism: The “breaking” part of breaking & entering often gives rise to vandalism charges. This is especially likely to happen if the entry was accomplished by breaking a window or kicking down a door.
  • Trespassing: In cases where no forced entry was required, you may find yourself facing charges for trespassing. This crime is defined as willfully entering someone else’s property with the intent of interfering with their property rights.
  • Theft: If you stole anything, whether or not there is an alleged breaking & entering event, theft charges could apply. This might be petty theft for cash or goods worth less than $950 or grand theft for larger amounts.

Get an Aggressive Defense Against Any Breaking & Entering Charge

Fortunately for you, no matter what specific charges are levied against you, Michael L. Fell can help.

As an experienced defense attorney who spent years training prosecutors as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney, Michael L. Fell knows every nuance of the law. He knows what evidence prosecutors need to win a case against you, and he knows how to challenge that evidence. In many instances, Attorney Fell has been able to resolve breaking and entering cases very quickly and beneficially for his clients, often succeeding in getting charges dropped entirely.

Want to Make a Deal?

If the evidence against you is strong, you should definitely consider making a deal. In exchange for your guilty plea, you may be able to receive a significant reduction in the charge and/or penalty you receive. Attorney Fell has ample experience in this sort of “creative sentencing” and he will work hard to secure a deal that is fair and will allow you to move on with your life as quickly as possible.

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