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Burglary is a serious crime that deserves a serious defense attorney like Michael L. Fell.

When most people think of “burglary,” they think of someone breaking into a home and stealing the TV or other valuables. However, this crime is actually applicable to a much broader range of activities. You do not have to actually force your way into the room or building or even succeed in stealing anything to be accused of burglary.

So What is a Burglary?

Burglary is defined as entering any room, structure, or locked vehicle with the intent to commit a felony or a theft. This means all of the following scenarios could be burglaries:

  • Shoplifting $950 or more (if you enter the store with the intent to steal)
  • Entering through an open garage door to steal something
  • Going to the bank to cash a fake check
  • Going inside your ex’s office to commit felony assault
  • Breaking a car window to steal a radio

Rely on Michael L. Fell for Help with Any Burglary Charge

Whether you are facing charges for a stereotypical residential burglary or for one of the more unusual scenarios listed above, you can rely on Michael L. Fell for help. From the moment you hire him as your burglary defense attorney, he will be working hard to identify and implement the correct defense strategy for your case to secure the best outcome possible.

One important strategy that may come into play is showing that you did not intend to steal anything until after you had already entered the room or building. If this is the case you cannot be charged with burglary. You may still face a charge for theft, but the penalties may be more lenient.

Caught “Red-Handed”? Don’t Give Up

Even if you were caught in the act of the alleged burglary and the evidence against you seems very strong, you should still consult Attorney Fell. After serving as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney and prosecuting criminal cases for over 18 years, he knows how prosecutors think and he can almost certainly convince them to offer you a better deal than you could get on your own in exchange for your guilty plea.

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