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Fake IDs

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Fake IDs

Accused of possessing or displaying a fake ID? Don’t go to jail—call Attorney Fell for a strong defense.

If you’ve been caught with a fake ID, you may be surprised to discover how seriously police and prosecutors treat this seemingly innocuous offense. Depending on what police believe you intended to do with the fake ID, you could even face felony charges and up to 3 years behind bars. And if you are under 21, possessing a fake ID could result in a loss of your driver’s license for a year.

Here’s the good news:

Your case is not hopeless.

Depending on the facts of the case, there may be a variety of ways in which experienced defense attorney Michael L. Fell can help you.

Possible Defenses for Fake IDs

You can rely on Attorney Fell to thoroughly examine all the evidence against you and investigate the facts of your case to see whether any of the following defenses could apply:

  • No intent: Having a fake ID as a joke isn’t a crime. It only becomes a crime when you intend to use the ID to commit fraud.
  • No knowledge: If you didn’t know the ID was faked, altered, or falsified in any way, you are not guilty. For example, maybe your roommate stole your ID, duplicated it, and then put the fake ID back in your wallet.
  • No possession: In cases where a fake ID was found in a shared room or car, it may be possible to argue that it did not belong to you.
  • Illegal evidence: If the ID was discovered during an illegal search and seizure, it is not admissible as evidence against you.

Consider a Plea Deal

Even if the evidence against you is strong and you think you will have to plead guilty, you should still hire a fake ID defense attorney. Attorney Fell is an especially good choice due to his expertise in creative sentencing. He is well known for his success in helping clients to achieve highly beneficial plea deals. For example, he may be able to convince the prosecution to allow you diversion or another creative alternative.

Call Now to Get Attorney Fell on Your Side

Often, a fake ID charge is a person’s first interaction with the criminal justice system. Take the fear and uncertainty out of the experience by calling (949) 585-9055 now and getting Attorney Fell on your side.