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Identity Theft

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Identity Theft

Accused of identity theft? Michael L. Fell will provide aggressive representation.

Identity theft is a huge, growing problem, especially in California, which reports one of the highest rates of complaints of any state. Naturally local officials want to protect our citizens by taking a tough stance on investigation and prosecution of identity theft.

Unfortunately, this aggressive approach does occasionally cause casualties. Innocent people sometimes get arrested and even charged, and some defendants may have their rights violated by police entrapment, illegal search and seizure, or illegal questioning.

Protect Your Rights with an Aggressive Identity Theft Defense Attorney

The best way to protect yourself in the face of an identity theft investigation is to hire a defense attorney who will pursue your defense just as aggressively as the prosecution is pursuing a conviction.

Michael L. Fell makes an excellent choice of attorney for anyone facing identity theft charges. He is passionate about protecting your rights and will aggressively negotiate for the best possible outcome of your case.

Facing Multiple Charges?

Often, individuals accused of identity theft are also accused of other related crimes such as theft, elder abuse, conspiracy, fraud, or cybercrime. Fortunately, Attorney Fell can handle any and all charges stemming from your case with the same level of dedication and expertise.

As a former prosecutor himself who actually trained other prosecutors for years as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney, Michael L. Fell understands the law and can easily pinpoint the weakest points of the prosecution’s case against you. As a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, he knows how to use these weak points to your advantage as he negotiates for a dismissal of charges, a reduced charge, or a beneficial plea deal.

Don’t Wait! Call Now to Hire Attorney Fell

You definitely do not need to wait for charges to be filed against you to hire Michael L. Fell as your identity theft defense attorney. Instead, call him at (949) 585-9055 as soon as you become the target of an investigation for a proactive approach to your defense.