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Accused of stealing from a store? Shoplifting defense attorney Michael L. Fell can help you resolve your case as favorably as possible.

If you’ve been accused of shoplifting, here is some good news for you:

The crime of shoplifting is actually very hard to prove.

In California, the law defines the specific crime of “shoplifting” as entering a commercial establishment during business hours with the intent to steal goods worth $950 or less. In other words, shoplifting is the intent to commit petty theft inside a store—even if that theft is not actually successful.

Intent is very difficult to prove. This means that prosecution under the shoplifting statute is actually pretty rare. Instead, most instances of shoplifting are actually charged as petty theft.

Attorney Fell Can Help

Whether you have been charged with shoplifting or with petty theft, you can rely on Michael L. Fell to provide a strong defense. After serving as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney and prosecuting criminal cases for over 18 years, Michael L. Fell has a thorough understanding of the law as well as of the specific elements that the prosecution must prove to secure a conviction in either a shoplifting or petty theft case. After scrutinizing the evidence in the case, he can identify any weak points in the prosecution’s evidence and challenge them, often helping his clients avoid a conviction.

Now you may wonder…

…what if I was caught “red-handed”?

Even if the evidence against you is very strong, Attorney Fell may still be able to help you secure a good outcome to your case by negotiating with the prosecution for a favorable plea deal. As a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist and a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney, Attorney Fell is very successful in reaching “creative settlements” for his clients. Such “creative settlements” often result in resolutions that do NOT include criminal convictions.

Call Now for Expert Representation

If you have been accused of shoplifting, it is very important to remember that you have options. Attorney Fell can educate you about these options and provide the aggressive representation you need to secure the best possible outcome to your case. Call us at (949) 585-9055 now to learn more.