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Three Strikes Law

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Three Strikes Law

Michael L. Fell will work hard to keep all strike offenses off your record and protect you from harsh sentencing enhancements.

California’s Three Strikes Law is a very complicated sentencing enhancement scheme designed to keep violent repeat offenders off the streets. If you have any serious or violent felony convictions on your criminal record, the Three Strikes Law could apply to any new felony charges you may face.

With your second felony, you could be sentenced to double the penalties that would normally apply.

With your third felony, the stakes can get even higher. If this third “strike” is a serious or violent felony, you could get incarcerated for 25 years to life.

Thanks to recent Three Strikes Law reform, you can no longer face life in prison for a non-violent third strike felony like drug possession or receiving stolen goods. Instead, non-violent third strikes are treated like second strikes.


We don’t blame you.

The Three Strikes Law is full of exceptions and exceptions to the exceptions—especially regarding which felonies can qualify as strikes under what circumstances.

Fortunately, you don’t have to master Three Strikes Law yourself in order to avoid being unfairly punished under it. All you have to do is retain a defense attorney like Michael L. Fell who does understand the law and will fight aggressively for your rights.

Michael L. Fell Takes Every Strike Offense Case Seriously

Whether you are facing your first strike or your third one, Michael L. Fell will tackle your case with the same dedication and determination. He will do everything in his power to prevent that strike from getting on your record. When it is not possible to secure a dismissal or acquittal based on the facts of the case, he will instead focus his efforts on convincing the prosecution to agree to a deal that will reduce the charge to a misdemeanor so you do not have to worry about future Three Strike Law problems.

Facing Your Third Strike? Don’t Give Up

If you already have two qualifying convictions on your record, and it seems likely you will be convicted of a third, don’t give up. Attorney Fell may still be able to help you. In order to impose a third strike sentence enhancement, the prosecution must prove that the first and second strikes were valid. Attorney Fell can go back and examine the evidence in your first and second strike cases, looking for anything he can use to convince the judge to dismiss one of those prior strikes and save you from a third strike penalty.

Call Now for Help

Remember, if you are facing any serious or violent felony charge, it is worth your while to get an experienced Three Strikes Law attorney on your side. Michael L. Fell makes an excellent choice because he knows the prosecutors and understands their point of view from experience. Call us at (949) 585-9055 now to learn more about how Attorney Fell can leverage this experience to your advantage.