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College Suspension Lawyer in Aliso Viejo CA

Don’t let a mistake ruin your college career. A college suspension lawyer in Aliso Viejo CA can help.

College suspension can be a very harsh punishment. Even if you are able to withdraw from your classes early and get some of your tuition back, you’ll still face the hardship of falling a semester behind in your coursework. You may also find your scholarship or financial aid is now in jeopardy.

Given these hardships, you should never simply accept a suspension. Chances are, you can secure a much more advantageous resolution with help from an experienced college suspension lawyer in Aliso Viejo CA like Michael L. Fell.

Michael L. Fell Handles All Kinds of College Suspension Cases

Most schools have long and complicated codes of conduct full of descriptions of behavior that can result in academic discipline, possibly including suspension. Fortunately for you, Michael L. Fell. is familiar with the details of all kinds of common college student offenses including:

  • Alcohol Related Conduct
  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Title IX Violations
  • Theft
  • Fake IDs
  • DUI
  • Hazing
  • Drug Crimes
  • Assault & Battery

Depending on the nature of your alleged offense, you may face criminal charges in addition to academic discipline. As a college suspension lawyer in Aliso Viejo CA who is also a respected criminal defense attorney, Michael L. Fell can help with both.

3 Ways Michael L. Fell Can Help as Your College Suspension Lawyer in Aliso Viejo CA

Because he can draw on years of experience and detailed knowledge of disciplinary processes at local schools, you can rely on Michael L. Fell to find the best possible strategy for handing your case. He can:

  • Help build your defense: Your school must provide you with a notice of the charges against you and allow you to review the evidence they have. As your college suspension lawyer in Aliso Viejo CA, Michael L. Fell can help you secure and review this evidence, as well as search for new evidence that can help support your defense.
  • Negotiate a reduced penalty: In most cases, it is to your advantage to work out a solution with the academic discipline board rather than waiting for the entire formal hearing process to be completed. If it is in your best interests to admit guilt, Michael L. Fell can help you do so and make sure you then receive a more lenient penalty that will be less disruptive to your academic career.
  • Help with official hearings: Depending on the rules at your school, your college suspension lawyer in Aliso Viejo CA may not be allowed to come to your hearing or speak during the hearing. But your lawyer can make sure you are prepared. Michael L. Fell will make sure you are well prepared for the hearing, both in terms of how you will tell your side of the story and how you will dress and conduct yourself to show respect for the process.

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