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Domestic Violence Attorney in Anaheim CA

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Domestic Violence Attorney in Anaheim CA

You deserve the best domestic violence attorney in Anaheim CA choose Michael L. Fell

If you have been accused of domestic violence by a loved one, you may be feeling angry, betrayed, or ashamed. You may feel at a loss for what to do next, but in reality your next step is simple: contact Michael L. Fell. Michael L. Fell can begin helping you as your domestic violence attorney in Anaheim CA whether or not official charges have already been filed, providing compassionate guidance and expert representation through every step of the legal process.

Overcoming the Special Challenges of Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases have the potential to be quite challenging to defend due to certain quirks of the law and the legal process. Fortunately, Attorney Fell has what it takes to help you mount the strongest possible defense and minimize the impact of:

  • Aggressive prosecution: Many District Attorney’s Offices have special units dedicated to prosecuting domestic violence cases. This means you may be facing some of the most skilled and determined prosecutors in the office. The good news is, Michael L. Fell is every bit as passionate about your defense as the prosecutor is about their case. He will not be cowed by aggressive tactics but will stand up for your rights as your domestic violence attorney in Anaheim CA.
  • Harm to your reputation: Have you noticed how people seem to look at you differently once you’ve been accused of domestic violence? The further along the case gets, the more damage you risk to your reputation. Fortunately, Michael L. Fell will work hard to minimize this damage to your reputation by striving to resolve your case as quickly as possible. In many cases, he is actually able to get the matter dropped before charges are filed.
  • Serious penalties: There is a very real possibility you could face jail time for a domestic violence conviction. As your domestic violence attorney in Anaheim CA, Michael L. Fell will do everything in his power to prevent a conviction, but if the evidence against you is strong, he can still help by negotiating a favorable plea deal.

We Take All Types of Domestic Violence Cases

We understand the diverse statutes covering different domestic violence crimes, as well as the body of case law in these areas. This enables our team to mount a strong defense against any charge such as:

  • Criminal Threats
  • Restraining Order Violations
  • Child Neglect
  • Battery on a Spouse
  • Corporal Injury on a Spouse
  • Corporal Injury on a Child
  • Elder Abuse

Why Choose Michael L. Fell as Your Domestic Violence Attorney in Anaheim CA

Michael L. Fell makes an excellent choice of domestic violence attorney in Anaheim CA because he has a thorough understanding of the law (as demonstrated by his status as a California Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist). Attorney Fell also brings extremely valuable insights into the prosecution’s position to your defense. He served as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney for 18 years and trained many prosecutors himself, so he knows how they think and how to approach them for favorable plea deals. He will keep you updated and informed every step of the way as he fights for the best possible outcome to your case.

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We understand that you may be feeling very stressed and upset right now. That’s why we offer the opportunity to speak with a domestic violence attorney in Anaheim CA immediately. Whether you have been arrested and need immediate attention or would like to schedule a free consultation to talk about your case, you can reach us at (949) 585-9055 now.

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