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College Expulsion Lawyer in Corona Del Mar CA

Is your academic career in jeopardy? Hire a college expulsion lawyer in Corona Del Mar CA now.

Are you facing criminal charges for a crime committed on campus? Have you been accused of violating Title IX or some part of your school’s code of conduct? You may be subject to academic discipline, up to and including expulsion for more serious or repeat offenses.

Unfortunately, academic discipline boards are not necessarily known for being fair and impartial. If you want to make sure your rights are respected and hopefully even prevent an expulsion, you must get help from a skilled college expulsion lawyer in Corona Del Mar CA like Michael L. Fell.

Get Expert Help Preparing for Your Hearing

Because a school discipline hearing is not a criminal matter, your “right to an attorney” is limited. Your college expulsion lawyer in Corona Del Mar CA may not be allowed to speak at the hearing or even attend it with you. However, your lawyer can help you prepare for the hearing so thoroughly that you will feel as if they are right there beside you. For example, Attorney Fell can help by:

  • Reviewing the accusation and/or evidence against you
  • Collecting evidence for your defense
  • Preparing your testimony so you can tell your side of the story
  • Advising you on how to present and conduct yourself at the hearing

Now You May Wonder…

What If I’m Guilty? Do I Still Need a College Expulsion Lawyer in Corona Del Mar CA?

Definitely. Even if you want to admit guilt, there is still room for negotiation as to the penalty you should receive for your offense. As your college expulsion lawyer in Corona Del Mar CA, Attorney Fell can help you negotiate with the board before the hearing in order to secure a more lenient penalty in exchange for your admission of guilt. For example, you might be able to receive a suspension or a lesser disposition instead of getting expelled.

Why Choose Attorney Fell

He’s Experienced: Attorney Fell has helped many college students facing school discipline secure favorable outcomes. He understands the priorities and concerns of disciplinary boards and he can help you work with them for the best possible chance of preventing expulsion.

He Cares: Attorney Fell can empathize with the stress and emotional turmoil you are facing at the prospect of expulsion. He and his entire staff will do everything in their power to keep you in school.

He Can Help with Your Criminal Case: If you are facing school discipline due to a criminal matter, it is highly beneficial to have your college expulsion lawyer in Corona Del Mar CA also serving as your criminal defense attorney. Attorney Fell is known as a passionate defense attorney capable of presenting aggressive and effective arguments and negotiating highly beneficial plea deals.

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