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Title IX Attorney in Dana Point CA

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Title IX Attorney in Dana Point CA

Michael L. Fell will defend your rights as your Title IX attorney in Dana Point CA.

Are you a student accused of violating Title IX? Even if you know the accusation to be unfounded, it is extremely important to take it seriously to protect yourself from serious penalties. The good news is, Michael L. Fell is here to defend your rights and interests. No matter what specific type of offense you may be accused of, Michael L. Fell has the skills and experience to provide top-quality representation as your Title IX attorney in Dana Point CA:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Gender-based discrimination
  • Attempted or completed sexual violence
    • Rape
    • Sexual assault
    • Stalking
    • Voyeurism
    • Exhibitionism
    • Violence against an intimate partner

Attorney Fell Stands Up for the Rights of the Accused

Unfortunately, it is not safe to assume your school is going to treat you fairly during your Title IX complaint investigation and hearing. In fact, since schools are under tremendous pressure to root out discrimination and sexual violence on campus, they sometimes rush to conclusions and fail to provide accused students with the essential procedural protections that are theirs by right.

Fortunately for you, Attorney Fell knows your rights even if your school administrators do not. As your Title IX attorney in Dana Point CA, he will keep a close watch on school administrators’ handling of your case and make sure they do not get away with violating your rights. Here are some of the most important rights you will need to exercise:

  • The right to be interviewed before any interim suspensions are imposed
  • The right to review the accusation and evidence against you prior to the hearing
  • The right to present witnesses and other evidence at the hearing
  • The right to have a Title IX attorney in Dana Point CA present during meetings and proceedings

Get the Best Possible Defense for Your Case

As your Title IX attorney in Dana Point CA, Michael L. Fell will do everything in his power to craft a strong defense that will protect you from any underserved or unduly harsh penalties. Your goals for the resolution of the case will always be taken into account when creating your defense strategy. For example, if you are looking for a speedy resolution to the matter, Attorney Fell may be able to help you utilize any informal conflict resolution procedures available at your school. This is especially useful for when you wish to admit guilt and negotiate for fair and lenient discipline.

You can trust Attorney Fell’s analysis of the evidence in your case and his recommendations for your defense strategy because they will be based on knowledge and experience gained through his decades of experience in criminal law. Because Attorney Fell has been through the Title IX process with many clients just like you--and possibly even worked with your school’s Office of Student Conduct before--you can trust him to help you navigate all the red tape associated with the Title IX process with ease.

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