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Are you a contractor or subcontractor accused of failing to provide workers on a publicly-funded project with the wages, overtime, and benefits required under California or federal prevailing wage law? You may be facing legal action from a public entity. Depending on the outcome of the action, you could face serious penalties plus significant damage to your reputation.

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Hire Michael L. Fell as Your Prevailing Wage Law Attorney in Irvine CA Now

You can trust Michael L. Fell to work hard to protect your rights and the future of your business as your prevailing wage law attorney in Irvine CA. He and his team will help you understand the wages that apply to the specific trade or trades of your workers and go over your payroll reporting forms to find evidence of compliance. If the evidence against you is strong, or you do not have proper documentation to defend yourself, Attorney Fell can still help. He is known as a skilled negotiator capable of securing advantageous settlements and deals in even the most complex cases.

Why Choose Michael L. Fell

He Knows the Law: California’s prevailing wage law is described in the California Labor Code and California Code of Regulations, while federal prevailing wage law is found in the Davis-Bacon Act. As an experienced prevailing wage law attorney in Irvine CA, Michael L. Fell not only understands the text of the law but also the body of relevant case law. He can use his knowledge to build a strong defense for you.

He Gets Results: Michael L. Fell is known as a highly effective defense attorney, with special expertise in matters involving licensed professionals. Whether your case is resolved in or out of court, Attorney Fell will be fighting aggressively for your interests as your prevailing wage law attorney in Irvine CA.

He Cares About Your Case: Michael L. Fell’s work as a prevailing wage law attorney in Irvine CA is inspired by his concern for the rights and interests of contractors just like you in the face of complicated laws and government red tape. He will do everything in his power to minimize the impact of a prevailing wage challenge or legal action on the future of your company.

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Whether you have already been accused of a prevailing wage violation, or simply want professional advice about compliance to prevent such an accusation, The Law Offices of Michael L. Fell is here for you. To learn more about hiring us as your prevailing wage law attorney in Irvine CA, please call (949) 585-9055 and request your free initial consultation.

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