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Title IX Lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA

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Title IX Lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA

Don’t just accept undeserved or unfair penalties for Title IX violations. Hire a skilled Title IX lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA to defend you.

These days, universities are extremely wary of even appearing to condone discrimination, harassment, or sexual violence. Unfortunately, this means they are sometimes quick to leap to conclusions and punish alleged Title IX offenders very harshly. As a student accused of a Title IX violation, it’s easy to feel small, powerless, and alone in the face of your school’s Title IX complaint investigation process.

But in reality, you are not alone. Michael L. Fell is here to serve as your Title IX lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA. Attorney Fell will help you present your side of the story to school administrators and work diligently to make sure you receive the best possible outcome to your case.

Now You May Wonder…

…Do I Really Need an Attorney for a School Discipline Matter?

Yes. A Title IX offense isn’t your average school discipline matter. It is a very serious situation with the potential to result in penalties that could derail your college career and your future. You do not want to just muddle through this situation--you need to get professional guidance so you can take control of your own defense. School administrators are not likely to provide the guidance you need. The fact that their funding is tied to their Title IX compliance can make them biased against the accused and quick to advise you to admit guilt regardless of the true facts of your case. They may also neglect to provide certain important procedural protections while handling your case.

Fortunately, Michael L. Fell is here to guide you through the Title IX complaint resolution process as your Title IX lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA. Attorney Fell has worked with the Offices of Student Conduct at many southern California universities. He can help you prepare for every step of the process from initial interviews regarding the complaint to informal conflict resolution (if appropriate) to formal healings and appeals.

Here’s How Your Title IX Lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA Can Help

Never give up on your case without first asking a Title IX lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA for help. Chances are, your attorney will find a way to help you secure a better outcome to the case than you ever thought possible. Attorney Fell can help you by:

  • Reviewing the accusation and/or evidence against you
  • Collecting evidence for your defense
  • Helping you prepare your testimony so you can tell your side of the story without accidentally admitting information that could be used against you in a criminal case
  • Advising you on how to present yourself and conduct yourself at the hearing
  • Providing his honest opinion as to the advisability of admitting guilt in exchange for more lenient discipline

Need Help with Criminal Charges?

If you have been accused of sexual violence, you may find yourself facing criminal charges as well as school discipline. If you already have Michael L. Fell on the case as your Title IX lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA, he can effortlessly take on the criminal aspect of your case as well, with no delays in representation. Attorney Fell is a California Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist who can mount a compelling defense to any type of criminal charge.

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Remember, the sooner you get a Title IX lawyer in Laguna Niguel CA on your side, the sooner you can put this distressing chapter in your life behind you. We’ll be happy to discuss your case during a free and confidential initial consultation. Simply dial (949) 585-9055 now.

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