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Public Intoxication Lawyer in Lake Forest CA

Don’t face the judge without a public intoxication lawyer in Lake Forest CA

Facing any legal charge brings up complex feelings of fear, anger, and worry. The good news is that there is a public intoxication lawyer in Lake Forest CA who can help you. At the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell, we will start with a free legal consultation during which we can explain your options. This doesn’t have to ruin your life – get help today.

What kind of help can a public intoxication lawyer in Lake Forest CA help your case?

First and foremost, we can look closely at your case to ensure that the police legally obtained all evidence against you. If they didn’t, or if there’s reason to believe that there were errors made in any sobriety tests administered to you, then a public intoxication lawyer in Lake Forest CA may be able to have evidence thrown out and the charges dropped.

Second, if there is a wealth of information then there are many potential ways we can minimize the consequences. By negotiating with the prosecution, a public intoxication lawyer in Lake Forest CA may be able to have other charges dropped, your charges reduced, or a diversion put into place that allows you to complete community service or take drug and alcohol counseling instead of going to jail.

Answers to your frequently asked questions about hiring a public intoxication lawyer in Lake Forest CA

How much does it cost? There are many factors involved in the pricing structure in any legal case. The best way to get an accurate idea of what you’re looking at is to get a free legal consultation. Remember that your legal costs should be compared to the costs of being convicted, which includes not just short-term fees but long-term issues like trouble getting a job and issues finding housing.

How do I find an attorney? You’ve found one. The Law Offices of Michael L. Fell have the experience, compassion, and resources to help you through this trying time.

How can an attorney help me? We’ll start by carefully considering the evidence against you. We’ll look at what the prosecution says is true, we’ll listen to your side of the story, and we’ll talk to witnesses if applicable. We may also consult with expert witnesses who can illuminate doubt on the legality and accuracy of sobriety tests. If necessary, we can negotiate on your behalf to minimize your consequences.

Now is the time to call for a free legal consultation

Don’t put your future on hold by waiting to talk to a public intoxication attorney in Lake Forest CA. Contact the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 right away. We can ease your mind by going over your options, sharing our experience, and letting you know what your next steps are. The sooner you make that call, the sooner you can begin the process of moving on.

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