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Embezzlement Attorney in Orange CA

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Embezzlement Attorney in Orange CA

For top-quality representation, trust Michael L. Fell as your embezzlement attorney in Orange CA

Many people are surprised to learn that embezzlement doesn’t always involve big bucks. Even something as seemingly minor as “borrowing” a few dollars from the cash drawer at work could technically qualify as embezzlement and ruin your personal and professional reputation.

The good news is, your case is not hopeless. An embezzlement attorney in Orange CA can help you. Because embezzlement cases can involve complicated financial evidence, it is important to retain an experienced attorney who is equal to the unique challenges your case may present. As a California Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Michael L. Fell definitely qualifies. You can rely on Attorney Fell to stand beside you each step of the way and fight aggressively for your best interests.

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Now You May Wonder…

Won’t Hiring an Attorney Early On Make Me Look Guilty?

This is a huge myth. In reality hiring an embezzlement attorney to represent you at the first sign of trouble will have no impact on police or prosecutors’ estimation of your guilt. It will simply ensure your rights are protected and help bring the case to the fastest and most beneficial resolution possible.

5 Key Ways an Embezzlement Attorney in Orange CA Can Help You

  • Being Present During Questioning: You do not have to speak to police without your embezzlement attorney in Orange CA present. In fact, it is seldom in your best interest to do so. Having your attorney present helps you walk the fine line between cooperating with investigators and accidentally offering any information that might be construed as incriminating.
  • Working to Get Charges Dropped: If your attorney discovers strong evidence for your defense or flaws in the prosecution’s evidence or arguments they may be able to convince the DA’s office to drop the matter. Michael L. Fell has a serious advantage in this effort because he worked as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney for 18 years and he knows how prosecutors think.
  • Helping with Bail: Arraignments and bail hearings can be complicated, but your embezzlement attorney in Orange CA can help you through each step and even argue for a reduced bail amount you can afford.
  • Negotiating a Plea Deal: Michael L. Fell is a passionate advocate for creative sentencing or plea deals. He will work hard to secure the most lenient sentence possible in exchange for your plea of guilty or no contest.
  • Defending You at Trial: When the situation requires it, Michael L. Fell is not afraid to aggressively defend your innocence at trial. He has plenty of courtroom experience and he knows how to prepare and implement effective defense arguments before judge and jury.

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