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Juvenile Crime Attorney in Santa Ana CA

Get a strong advocate for your child by hiring us as your juvenile crime attorney in Santa Ana CA

Getting caught up in the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and disheartening for anyone especially a child. They may very well emerge more prone to acting out than when they went in. You cannot afford to leave your child’s criminal matter to chance. Instead, you need to act now to protect them by getting a juvenile crime attorney in Santa Ana CA on the case.

Why Choose Michael L. Fell As Your Juvenile Crime Attorney in Santa Ana CA

Michael L. Fell is uniquely equipped to fight aggressively for your child to receive the fastest and most favorable resolution possible in any kind of juvenile crime case. Here’s why:

He Knows the Law: As a California Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Attorney Fell has achieved a level of mastery of the law matched by very few of his peers. Whether your child is accused of a status offense or a more serious crime, Attorney Fell will leave no stone unturned in his effort to build the best possible defense strategy. He frequently serves as a juvenile crime attorney in Santa Ana CA on cases involving:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Bullying
  • Drugs
  • Sexting
  • Threats
  • Underage DUI
  • Vandalism
  • And more

He Knows the Courts: The juvenile court system has its own rules and its own lingo, and you really need a juvenile crime attorney in Santa Ana CA to guide you, not just any defense attorney. Michael L. Fell actually served as a Supervising Prosecutor at Orange County’s Juvenile Court so he understands all proceedings in detail.

He Excels in Creative Sentencing: Attorney Fell strongly believes that incarceration is not an appropriate penalty in most cases especially when a juvenile is involved. Leveraging his experience as a former prosecutor and his understanding of the priorities of juvenile court judges, Attorney Fell will present a compelling case for your child to receive a lenient and appropriate penalty in situations where they wish to admit guilt.

He Helps with School Hearings: Often, school administrators want to punish kids for misbehaving by suspending or expelling them. Unfortunately, this is not always good for the child as they could easily get into more trouble outside school. As your juvenile crime attorney in Santa Ana CA, Michael L. Fell can provide advice about school hearings and help you convince the board your child needs to remain in school.

He Cares: Because Attorney Fell cares about your child’s future, he works hard to combat the short term and long term impact of an conviction. If your child has already been convicted of a crime, he can help with future efforts to seal their record to give them a clean slate for the future. At the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we understand that parents can be just as frightened as their children and we help by explaining the proceedings to you and keeping you updated every step of the way.

Get Immediate Help

If your child has been arrested or accused of a crime, you are probably feeling extremely upset. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to get the answers and assistance you need. At the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we have a juvenile crime attorney in Santa Ana CA on call 24/7 to help you understand your child’s situation and begin arranging immediate assistance. Simply dial (949) 585-9055 and we’re here for you.


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