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Public Intoxication Lawyer in Santa Ana CA

A public intoxication lawyer in Santa Ana CA can protect your future

Never plead guilty to any criminal charge without talking to an attorney. In the case of public intoxication, too often those accused assume that the case is simple and not worth fighting. When you consider the long-term impact a criminal history can have on your life, it’s easy to see that getting a free legal consultation from a public intoxication lawyer in Santa Ana CA is worth it.

Trust a public intoxication lawyer in Santa Ana CA to consider all the options

One of the reasons that a person may plead guilty without speaking to a public intoxication lawyer in Santa Ana CA is that they believe there are no options. They may feel as though they were caught red-handed and the only option is to plead guilty. However, if the police unlawfully obtained evidence or didn’t correctly administer your sobriety test, then the prosecution may not have a case at all.

In the event that they have plenty of evidence to convict, there are still options available to. Your public intoxication lawyer in Santa Ana CA can negotiate with the prosecution. Our goal may be to have the charged reduced, to get other charges dropped, or to get you into an informal diversion program under which you won’t end up with a criminal record.

3 Signs that it’s time to contact a public intoxication attorney in Santa Ana CA

  1. You’ve been arrested for public intoxication. The first reason is the simplest: If you’ve been arrested for public intoxication then you should talk to an attorney. Even if you believe that simply pleading guilty is a viable option, why not get a no-cost legal consultation before making up your mind? There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
  2. You don’t want to spend time in jail. Your attorney can gather evidence to show that perhaps part of the prosecution’s case is faulty. For example, you may not actually have been in public, or there may have been an administrative error when the breathalyzer was used. When you talk to an attorney, we can consider very possible reason that your charges should be dropped.
  3. You don’t want a criminal record. Do you want to be turned down for a job five years from now because you were publicly intoxicated one time? Do you want to get turned down for a professional license due to a criminal history? If you’re arrested for a future offense, do you want your sentence to be harsher because you’ve been convicted of a crime in the past? If not, then you should talk to an attorney.

Are you ready to move on with your life? Call for a free legal consultation

No one wants to be in the situation you’re in. Others may try to help and offer advice, but the truth is that you need a public intoxication lawyer in Santa Ana CA.Contact the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell  today and ask for your free consultation. We can help you move forward with your life.

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