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DUI Attorney in Seal Beach CA

Avoid double license suspensions with help from your DUI attorney in Seal Beach CA

One of the most frustrating things about a DUI is that the arresting officer can take your drivers license and leave you with a temporary license that will expire in 30 days. You’re probably really worried about how you’re going to get to work and take care of you family without the ability to drive.

Fortunately for you…

Michael L. Fell will fight to get your license back as your DUI attorney in Seal Beach CA.

Attorney Fell Can Help You Avoid a Double License Suspension

Are you wondering how a police officer can take your license without a trial? The answer is that the police officer is enforcing an administrative suspension for the DMV. The criminal portion of your case will come later and could result in an additional license suspension penalty. The good news is, you do not have to go through either process alone. As your DUI attorney in Seal Beach CA, Michael L. Fell can represent your rights and interests in interactions with the DMV and the courts and fight aggressively for you to keep your license.

Request Your DMV Administrative Hearing Now

The first step in the fight to keep your license following a DUI is requesting an administrative hearing with the DMV. You only have 10 days to place your request. If you miss your window of opportunity, the administrative suspension of your license will automatically go into effect once your temporary license expires, and you will not be able to drive for at least 4 months.

Don’t let the fact that a DMV administrative hearing is not a criminal proceeding trick you into believing you can go without an attorney! In reality, it is very important to have a skilled DUI attorney in Seal Beach CA like Michael L. Fell on your side. After many years of experience in DUI cases, Attorney Fell knows exactly how to make the most of your DMV hearing and present the most effective challenge possible to the evidence against you. In many cases, Attorney Fell is able to stop the administrative suspension from going forward.

Get Expert Representation for DUI Charges

Stopping the DMV suspension is just half the battle, since you will still face criminal charges. Attorney Fell will do everything in his power to resolve the criminal case against you as quickly and beneficially as possible. In most misdemeanor DUI cases, Attorney Fell can handle all court appearances on your behalf without you having to be present.

Now You May Wonder…

…What If I Failed a Breathalyzer? Do I Still Need a DUI Attorney in Seal Beach CA?

Absolutely. Breathalyzer evidence is not always accurate or admissible. You definitely need an attorney’s help to check on the possibility that you were subject to an illegal DUI stop or that the breathalyzer gave an inaccurate result. If the evidence cannot be challenged, your DUI attorney in Seal Beach CA can still protect your interests by negotiating with the DA for a favorable plea deal.

In some cases, the evidence is too strong and abundant to deny and you may end up facing DMV penalties and criminal penalties. If this happens, Attorney Fell will work hard to make sure the penalties run concurrently so you can get your license back sooner.

Why Choose Michael L. Fell

After 18 years as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney, Michael L. Fell has a first-hand understanding of the strategies that will be used against you in your DUI case, and he can combat these strategies effectively.

Attorney Fell sincerely cares about your future and is here to serve as your guide and advocate through every step of the DMV and court processes.

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