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College Expulsion Lawyer in Westminster CA

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College Expulsion Lawyer in Westminster CA

Is your academic career in jeopardy? Hire a college expulsion lawyer in Westminster CA now.

Being accused of theft, drug offenses, plagiarism, Title IX violations, and other deviations from your school’s code of conduct can be a very serious matter. It is entirely possible you could get expelled if the disciplinary board considers you guilty of a serious enough offense.

When your future is at stake, you cannot afford just assume the disciplinary board will treat you fairly. Instead, you need to hire a college expulsion lawyer in Westminster CA like Michael L. Fell to make sure that they do.

Get Expert Help Preparing for Your Hearing

Depending on the rules in place at your school, you may not be permitted to have your college expulsion lawyer in Westminster CA speak on your behalf or even come into the room with you. However, your attorney can still be an invaluable aid to your cause through work done before the hearing. This may include:

  • Reviewing the accusation and/or evidence against you
  • Collecting evidence for your defense
  • Preparing your testimony so you can tell your side of the story
  • Advising you on how to present and conduct yourself at the hearing

Now You May Wonder…

What If I’m Guilty? Do I Still Need a College Expulsion Lawyer in Westminster CA?

Yes. Even if you want to admit guilt, there is still room for negotiation as to the penalty you should receive for your offense. Based on his experience working as a college expulsion lawyer in Westminster CA, Attorney Fell can advise you of your options for seeking a more lenient penalty such as suspension in exchange for your admission of guilt.

Why Choose Attorney Fell

He’s Experienced: Attorney Fell has helped many college students facing school discipline secure favorable outcomes. He understands the priorities and concerns of disciplinary boards and he can help you work with them for the best possible chance of preventing expulsion.

He Cares: Attorney Fell can empathize with the stress and emotional turmoil you are facing at the prospect of expulsion. He and his legal team will work diligently for you, taking all possible steps to help you convince the board you deserve to stay in school.

He Can Help with Your Criminal Case: As a California Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Attorney Fell can present a seamless transition between criminal defense lawyer and college expulsion lawyer in Westminster CA as your circumstances may require. You can trust Attorney Fell to leverage his considerable experience to help prevent a conviction or at least minimize its impact on your future.

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