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There Are Many Alternative Options for Juveniles Convicted of Crimes in California

With our years of experience working with juvenile crimes and college crimes, Attorney Fell and his staff have learned how to best help our clients. We believe that young people who have made a mistake should not have to pay for it for the rest of their lives. This is why we are so passionate about defending our young clients.

If your child has been charged with a crime, then you want to find the best option to help them move forward. Keep reading to learn about alternative sentencing options for your child. If you would like to speak to an attorney, call Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055.

The Juvenile Court Has a Very Different Purpose Than a Criminal Court

It is important to remember that the juvenile court is designed to help juveniles recover from whatever has caused them to commit crimes. It is meant to help – not punish. Due to this difference, the rules are different in a juvenile court than they are in a criminal court. As a result, the best way to proceed in any case is different in juvenile court than in criminal court. This is why you must work with an attorney like Law Office of Michael L. Fell how has direct experience in juvenile court.

Our First Objective is to Prevent Conviction

When you first begin working with an attorney, our first objective will be finding a way to prevent them from conviction. If there is strong evidence and we are not able to prove that your child did not commit the crime, then we will look for the best possible options and will look for alternatives to detention.

Alternatives to Detention

There are a number of options within the California juvenile legal system that can help keep your child out of juvenile detention. For example, we may argue for house arrest in which your child is required to stay in your home except for certain exceptions, such as attending school. If the child is not in a safe environment, we may be able to argue that the child should be placed with someone else, such as a grandparent or other loved one.

Your Best Bet is to Contact a Juvenile Defense Attorney to Find Out What Your Child’s Options Are

If your child is facing charges, whether as a juvenile or as an adult, then it is time to talk to a defense attorney and determine what options are available to them. you can contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 now to request a free legal consultation. We can consider your case, the evidence against your loved one, and the options available. Call now and let us get started right away.