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These Are the Five Things You Can Do to Build a Strong Criminal Defense in California

Your entire future may be at jeopardy if you are accused of any crime, whether it results in a warning or a lifetime in prison. Your future, freedom, and rights are all under jeopardy. The five stages listed below should be followed if you have been accused of a crime in California in order to create a solid criminal defense.

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Recognize your rights

It's critical that you are aware of your fundamental rights whether you are merely being investigated or have already been arrested for a crime. You should first and foremost be aware of your right to silence. No one must incriminate oneself, according to the Fifth Amendment. Use your right to remain silent whenever you speak with police or investigators. Speaking to the police is almost never in your best interests, and it most definitely isn't if you're not accompanied by a criminal defense lawyer.

Do not plead guilty without talking to an attorney

Criminal defendants frequently enter guilty pleas without even attempting a defense, as is common knowledge. They might act in this manner when the prosecution presents a lesser accusation and demands that they decide immediately away.

The truth is that you have a right to contest the prosecution's case that has been made against you. The mere fact that you have been charged does not guarantee that you will be found guilty. Your alternatives are constrained if you enter a guilty plea, and you risk receiving unnecessary punishment.

Understand the charges

In order to mount the best defense, it's critical to have a thorough understanding of the charges against you. Is the charge a felony or a misdemeanor? In California, many charges are wobbler offenses, meaning that the prosecution chooses whether to prosecute the offense as a misdemeanor or felony. Both are undesirable, but felonies carry heftier penalties, longer prison sentences, and greater negative effects on future background checks. Also, it leads to the loss of key civil rights, including the ability to own a gun.

Become familiar with your alternatives

Every criminal case has some universal truths, but in practice, the specifics are never the same. In some circumstances, it's best to vigorously contest the charges. At times, it may be preferable to work with the prosecution to have a felony reduced to a misdemeanor in exchange for a guilty plea.

There are various sentencing alternatives that don't involve incarceration that might be suitable for you. For instance, drug offenses can result in drug misuse classes rather than jail time.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer

You can do all the research you like, but it won't come close to matching what an experienced lawyer is aware of. The good news is that we'll start you off with a free legal consultation when you call Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055. Contact us right away so that we can discuss your case in more detail and inform you of your alternatives. After that, you can pick how to proceed. Although the decisions are yours, the labor is ours. Call now.