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These Four Factors Will Help You Choose the Right DUI Attorney

Are you in need of the best DUI attorney in the area? If you are in that position then you likely are not sure where to start or how to know you have found the right attorney. Check out these four facts that we recommend keeping in mind as you work to find the best attorney for your needs. You can also contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for a free legal consultation.

  1.  Their Level of Experience
  2. It is true that any attorney you hire will have had to start somewhere – but you do not want to be the guinea pig case. You do not want an attorney who has not yet learned the ropes, who does not know the court system, who is not familiar with the filing deadlines, and is otherwise inexperienced. When you choose Law Office of Michael L. Fell, you are choosing an attorney who has more than two decades of experience – including working for the prosecution.

  3. The Type of Experience They Have
  4. Not all DUIs are considered equal, and not all DUI attorneys will have experience in all types of DUI cases. Even if you are only facing a simple DUI charge now, remember that charges can be added. That is why you should choose someone who can handle what you are facing now and potential additional charges you could face.

    Some of the most common DUI and DUI-related charges we have worked with include DUI of drugs, driving with a suspended license, underage DUI, driving without a license, boating under the influence, hit and run, evading police officers, and public intoxication.

  5. Testimonials and Reviews from Their Peers
  6. Any attorney is likely to tell you that they would provide the best representation out there, but you will want to do our own research to determine if this is true. This includes looking at reviews of the attorney from their peers, as their peers are often the hardest on an attorney. Then look at testimonials from past clients. Remember that there are going to be negative reviews for anyone – what you are looking for is more positive than negative reviews, and detailed reasons that people liked working with an attorney.

  7. You Need a Free Consultation
  8. You should not have to pay to find out if an attorney is the right attorney for you. You should have the opportunity to discuss the basics of your case and get a summation of your options. This is what you can expect if you contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055. We are standing by, ready to listen to your story and help you find the best way to fight the charges you are facing.