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What Happens When I Talk to a Domestic Violence Attorney in Anaheim Hills CA?

One of the many reasons that people accused of domestic violence often wait too long to contact a domestic violence attorney in Anaheim Hills CA is because they are afraid to call a lawyer. They do not know what to expect, how much it will cost them, or even if it will make them look guiltier. Keep reading to get the answers to these and other questions.

The First Step is Call Us or Filling Out an Online Form

If you would prefer, you can contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055. If you would rather we call you then you can fill out a form for a free legal consultation. One of our associates or attorneys will call you. Depending on a number of factors, we may go over your case on the phone or we may have you come in for a meeting. Remember that this call and/or meeting is 100% confidential. You can trust that nothing about this meeting will be released to any member of the public.

We Will Go Over the Facts of the Case

Once you are speaking with a domestic violence attorney in Anaheim Hills CA, we will go over the case. What is the accused saying you did? What actually happened? Do you know why they would be making the claims they are? Are they exaggerating a minor altercation into a serious attack? Whatever the situation is, you must be honest with your attorney so we can properly help build the right defense.

We Will Look for Evidence to Support Your Case

Depending on what you told us about your case, we will look for evidence to prove your side of the story. For example, if you were not even with the person in question at the time of the alleged attack, we can help prove your alibi. If you are accused of a specific type of attack then we can work with expert witnesses to show why you were not able to do what you are accused of.

In the event that your case was not handled legally by law enforcement or the prosecutor’s office, we will work to have any resulting evidence against you thrown out. For example, if you were not read your Miranda Rights after being arrested then anything you said may not be used against you. We may be able to show that physical evidence was illegally obtained, thus making it inadmissible.

One thing is certain no matter the specifics of your case: You deserve a vigorous defense on your side and you will find that with Law Office of Michael L. Fell. Call us now at (949) 585-9055 and we can get started working for you.