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Call Us for Help Right Away if Your Child is Accused of Bullying in California

Bullying is not acceptable in the society of today. You cannot just brush aside allegations of bullying against your child and attribute them to children being children. There is pressure on teachers and schools in general to appear strong on bullying. While in theory this would seem like a good idea, in practice it can have serious, and perhaps unwarranted, effects on children.

It is crucial to have a lawyer on your side if your child has been accused of bullying. Before you realize it, what can begin as a casual conversation with the school could turn into criminal accusations. To find out more about your choices, get in touch with Law Office of Michael L. Fell right immediately.

We can support you in defending your child from criminal accusations

Many people are unaware that California doesn't truly have a law prohibiting bullying. Having stated that, other titles can be used to describe specific bullying acts. For instance, a young person who speaks out against bullying could be prosecuted with harassment. They could be charged with assault, battery, or making criminal threats if they use or threaten violence.

The Law Office of Michael L. Fell can provide you with the assistance you require if your child has ever appeared in or ultimately ends up in a juvenile court due to these types of crimes. In juvenile court, attorney Fell had previously served as the Supervising Prosecutor. He is an expert in the juvenile justice system as a result. This insider knowledge can help your youngster.

Attorney Fell will defend your child with a number of objectives in mind. He will first put in endless effort to present the best case for your child. He will endeavor to make sure the prosecutor doesn't overlook the main objective of juvenile justice, which is reform rather than punishment. You will receive the active advocate you need for your child. If there is enough evidence to convict your child, he may be able to negotiate probation, therapy, community service, or some other alternative punishment that won't leave a mark on his record.

We can support you in administrative hearings at the school

Bullying is a topic on which California law may not be particularly clear, but the California Education Code is fairly explicit. You can anticipate swift action from school staff to discipline your child if they are found to have engaged in bullying at their school. There could be only minimal repercussions or they could result in expulsion for good.

Be mindful of your child's legal rights. By law, students must receive fair notice, be permitted to present evidence, be represented by counsel, and receive an entirely unbiased hearing when they are summoned to a school administrative hearing. We can assist in making sure that these rights are upheld and in getting you and your kid ready for the hearing. Call us right away at (949) 585-9055 to begin your free case evaluation.