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Choose an Aggressive Defense Attorney to Help with Charges of Drug Sales or Drug Transportation

What is the most important factor to consider if you are arrested for drug sales or drug transportation? Finding an attorney who can best defend you. This requires an aggressive, experienced criminal defense attorney. This requires Law Office of Michael L. Fell.

You May Be Subject to Aggressive Questioning and Other Scare Tactics

If the police believe that you have been selling drugs – even a small amount – they may use aggressive questioning techniques. They may use scare tactics and treat you as though you are a member of the mob or a drug kingpin. Do not be intimidated by these tactics. Instead, talk to an attorney who can meet them at their level of aggression.

You Will Not Find an Attorney Who Will Fight as Aggressively for Your Rights and Interests

It is terrifying to get “swallowed up” into the legal system. Law enforcement can make you feel as though you are alone. They can confuse you about what evidence they have and what you are being charged with. When you work with Law Office of Michael L. Fell, you will be working with an attorney who truly cares about the charges you are facing and cares about you.

The key is to find the weaknesses in the case against you. Even if it seems that there is a mountain of evidence against you, it may surprise you to learn what types of weak points can help get the case resolved without going to trial.

We Can Help with All Types of Drug Crimes

If you are charged with a drug crime, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience with a wide range of drug crime cases. Why? Because the charges you are facing today could be amended to include more significant drug charges. You do not want to have to change attorneys in the middle of your case. At Law Office of Michael L. Fell we can help with charges that include:

  • Selling any kind of illegal drug
  • Illegally selling or providing a prescription drug
  • Transporting drugs any distance
  • Importing drugs into California
  • Furnishing drugs to others by any means, including giving them away
  • Administering drugs directly to another person

If you are charged with these or other drug crimes, contact us now.

The Prosecution’s Case May Rely on Weak Evidence

It is often that these charges come out as part of a larger investigation that relied on informants, warrant searches, surveillance tactics, and undercover buys. Unfortunately, these tactics are not always completed completely lawfully. If even one aspect was not done to the letter of the law, you could end having evidence against you dropped.

Your drug crimes attorney is waiting to hear from you. Contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for your free legal consultation.