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How Serious Are Charges of Perjury? Get the Truth from a California Criminal Defense Attorney

Perjury is a serious crime. In fact, many people do not realize just how serious perjury charges are. If you have been accused of or charged with perjury or other court crimes, your best response is to contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell for a free legal consultation. In the meantime, keep reading to find out how serious these charges are and what you can expect.

Perjury is an Automatic Felony

We often find that people charged with perjury are shocked to learn that this is not a slap on the wrist – it is always charged as a felony. Why? Because the state holds that it is not possible to dispense fair justice if false statements are the basis of that justice. This is one of the reasons that lying under oath, also known as perjury, is always charged as a felony in California.

There Are Numerous Situations in Which Perjury Can Occur

Many people think of perjury as happening when a person is testifying in court. It is true that this is a common situation in which a person commits perjury, but it is not the only situation. It can also happen when a person is giving a deposition under oath, when a person is filling out a DMV driver’s license application, or in the content of a signed declaration, certificate, or affidavit.

Perjury is Often the Result of an Innocent Mistake

In order for perjury to have been committed, the accused must have deliberately provided information they knew was false – and the prosecution must be able to prove this. If a person makes a simple mistake, they have not committed perjury. If that is the situation you are in, then your next call should be to an attorney who can help defend you against these baseless charges.

There May Be Numerous Defense Options Relevant to Your Case

When you choose Law Office of Michael L. Fell to help with your perjury case, you will enjoy the added advantages of Attorney Fell’s background as a former prosecutor. This gives him firsthand knowledge of just how hard it is for prosecutors to prove perjury charges and he will use this knowledge to your benefit. Some of the defense options he may suggest for your case include:

  • There is not sufficient evidence to prove that the information you gave is false.
  • You did make a false statement, but it was related to a minor issue and was not relevant to the larger issue on which you were making a statement.
  • You were not aware that you were providing false information.
  • You were not technically, legally under oath at the time the statement was made.
  • You did not fully understand the question you were asked.

When you contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055, we can learn more about your case and determine how to best proceed for your case. Call now and request a free legal consultation.