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Is There a Link Between Being a Childhood Bully and an Adult Perpetrator of Domestic Violence?

It is reasonable that the only thing on your mind is how to get your child out of the current jam if they have been accused of bullying. However, research indicates that helping your child overcome any bullying tendencies they may have may be crucial to lowering the likelihood that they would engage in domestic violence in the future.

Read on to learn more about this topic. If your child is currently facing legal charges or school consequences due to bullying, contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for a legal consultation.

A child who begins as a bully victim too frequently turns become the bully themselves

Parents of a kid who has been accused of bullying are frequently horrified. They could reply, "But my child was the one being bullied," or something similar. It is a basic reality that your child could be both the victim and the perpetrator of violence. One study found that a youngster who has experienced bullying is twice as likely to go on to bully others.

According to a different research, cyberbullying has made the problem much worse. Why? Because kids who experience bullying in two different ways—in person and online—are twice as likely to go on to bully others.

Breaking the cycle is up to you and the courts

It's critical for parents to comprehend this connection so they can act to assist stop the pattern. The good news is that juvenile criminals are not punished; rather, they are rehabilitated through the juvenile justice system. The adult system is in sharp contrast to this. Acting when your child is young will help them overcome bullying tendencies and lessen their likelihood of becoming a domestic abuser.

The courts may advise or mandate counseling, which can be highly beneficial. They could need group counseling or anger control. Your criminal defense lawyer might be able to persuade the court to accept an alternative punishment that incorporates these organizations rather of a formal conviction.

Let a skilled juvenile defense lawyer assist your child in receiving a fair trial

You don't want your child to enter a juvenile system where they will be treated like a number. It is time to examine the problem honestly whether your child is in fact bullying others. The juvenile justice system may provide your child the essential guidance and assistance; it need not operate against you.

Finding the best lawyer to assist you, though, is the key. Do not just admit guilt and assume that your child will receive the necessary treatment. To guarantee that their punishment is in their best interest, it must be properly negotiated. Law Office of Michael L. Fell can help with that. To begin, call (949) 585-9055 right away.