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Restraining Orders

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Restraining Orders

Don’t give up your rights without a fight. Michael L. Fell can help you contest unmerited restraining orders.

If you have been accused of harming or harassing someone, that person may have secured a temporary restraining order against you.

While such an order is designed to protect all parties from further altercations, an unmerited order can actually be very harmful to the “restrained person.” For example, you might find yourself facing considerable hardship if you have to vacate your home to comply with a stay-away order.

Don’t Go Down Without a Fight!

As soon as you are served with a temporary restraining order, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney such as Michael L. Fell. Attorney Fell can help you file your answer to the restraining order and prepare you to present your side of the story at a hearing. If your defense is compelling enough, the restraining order may be cancelled.

Accused of a Restraining Order Violation? Michael L. Fell is On Your Side

If a permanent restraining order has been secured against you and you are accused of violating said order, it can feel like everyone already views you as the “guilty” one or the “villain” in the situation. Michael L. Fell will not treat you this way.

Instead of taking a defeatist attitude to the situation, Attorney Fell will work hard to disprove the validity of any restraining order violation charges against you. Possible arguments include:

  • The restraining order was not issued legally
  • You were not properly served with the order and therefore did not know it existed
  • You did not intentionally violate the order
  • The alleged violation never actually took place

As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney and a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Michael L. Fell knows where to look for vital evidence in your case and how to approach prosecutors. With his help, you have the best possible chance of securing a better outcome than a conviction.

We Handle All Kinds of Restraining Orders

As an experienced defense attorney, Michael L. Fell can assist with any kind of restraining order based on any kind of alleged harassment or abuse:

Family Law Restraining Orders: These types of restraining orders often come out of emotional family law disputes like divorce and child custody battles. Attorney Fell can help cut through the emotional noise and present the true facts of the case, defending you effectively against false allegations.

Domestic Violence Protective Orders: If you are criminally charged with a domestic violence offense, a domestic violence Protective Order most likely will be issued by the judge on your first court appearance. This may present serious complications for your daily life. Attorney Fell can help you will the underlying domestic violence charge as well as with allegations of restraining order violations, providing a comprehensive defense strategy for all the allegations against you.

Emergency Protective Orders: Because these orders can be granted so quickly, it is entirely possible for “restrained persons” to accidentally violate the order because they don’t yet understand the situation. If this has happened to you, Attorney Fell can help.

Harassment: Many kinds of harassing behaviors can expose you to charges under California’s stalking laws and related statutes, as well as result in a civil harassment restraining order against you.

Social Media Harassment: Contacting someone via social media or email could expose you to cyberstalking charges as well as be considered grounds for a civil harassment restraining order

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Regardless of how daunting the charges against you may seem, Michael L. Fell can help you through this experience with ethical, aggressive, and effective representation. Call (949) 585-9055 now to learn more about hiring Michael L. Fell.