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Drunk in Public Charge in California

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Drunk in Public Charge in California

Are you looking at a drunk in public charge in California? Let a lawyer help you through it

Facing a drunk in public charge in California was likely not something you’d though you’d ever have to face. Yet, here you are. This is not a situation that will go away quickly and quietly on its own. You should immediately contact a defense attorney who can help you avoid the issues that come along with a conviction, including issues getting a job, an inability to qualify for a professional license, and difficulty renting apartments in the future.

Defend your name against a drunk in public charge in California

Remember when you’re talking to the police that their job is not to consider the best possible outcome for you. They are there to gather facts and if they believe a crime has been committed, to help convict you of that crime. If you’re facing a drunk in public charge in California, you need at least one person on your side. You’ve found that in Michael L. Fell.

The first step is to call us for your free legal consultation. You can explain to us the situation that led to your drunk in public charge in California. We’ll consider that evidence, any prior criminal record you may have, and the way in which the evidence against you was obtained. Depending on the situation, we may talk to witnesses or experts. The bottom line is that we will take your situation seriously and our offices will use our combined experience to ensure you’ve considered every option for you.

There are a number of ways we can resolve a drunk in public charge in California

  • We can encourage the prosecution to drop the charges. In a perfect world, we’d be able to have the charges dropped. This may work if the case is weak and we can convince the prosecution that they don’t have enough to move forward, if we can prove that the evidence against you wasn’t lawfully obtained, or if we can prove that one of the three facts the prosecution must prove can’t be proven.
  • We can negotiate to have the charges reduced. If there is a wealth of evidence and it’s likely you’ll be found guilty if we move forward with a trial, then we may work to negotiate the charges on your behalf. One option is get an informal diversion, which means that you’d agree to drug counseling, alcohol counseling, or community service hours, and in exchange you would not be formally charged.
  • We can take your case to court. If we have cause to believe we can win your case in court then we won’t hesitate to fight aggressively for you. Other law firms may try to get your case off their desks as quickly as possible but our only goal is the best possible outcome for you.

Now is the time to set up your free legal consultation

Whether you’ve been formally charged or you simply have reason to believe you’ll be facing a drunk in public charge in California, it’s time to Contact the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055. The sooner you get legal help the sooner we can get you through this. Contact us today to move on with your life.