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Drunk in Public Lawyer in Dana Point CA

Get a free consultation from a drunk in public lawyer in Dana Point CA

Facing charges of public intoxication is never easy. It may seem simpler to just plead guilty and move on with your life. The truth is that if you don’t work with a drunk in public lawyer in Dana Point CA, you could end up facing long-term consequences.

The right drunk in public lawyer in Dana Point CA can make a big difference

There are a number of reasons to work with an experienced drunk in public lawyer in Dana Point CA. First, the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell have the experience to find the best possible path toward the right outcome for you. Second, we know how to consider the evidence, gather additional evidence, and speak to witnesses or experts to build the strongest possible case.

The good news is that it all starts with a free legal consultation from a public lawyer in Dana Point CA. You don’t have to make a decision until you speak to us. If you believe that you don’t need a lawyer, then we encourage you to call us and find out how we can help you. The consultation is free of obligation and will give you a better idea of the value we bring to your case.

There are options when you work with a drunk in public lawyer in Dana Point CA

  1. We will look at the evidence to ensure it was legally obtained. First and foremost, we’ll consider the evidence against you. If it was not lawfully obtained then it isn’t admissible. We will petition the court to ensure it won’t be held against you. We may also show that evidence wasn’t properly obtained in other ways. For example, if you were given a breathalyzer we may try to show that there was a malfunction with the machine.
  2. We can consider plea deals if appropriate. In some cases there may just be a wealth of evidence against you and fighting the case in court is unlikely to yield the best result. In this instance, we may work to have the charges against you reduced. If you have no prior criminal history then we’ll likely work toward an informal diversion program in which you will agree to either community service or drug and alcohol counseling. In exchange, you won’t be convicted of the crime.
  3. If necessary we will take your case to court. It’s common that we can find a good resolution to your case without taking it to court. That said, if you want to fight the charges in front of a judge or jury then we will be there with you every step of the way.

There’s no better time to contact a lawyer for a free consultation

Now is the right time to contact a drunk in public lawyer in Dana Point CA. The sooner you gain representation, the sooner your lawyer can begin to help you out of the jam you’re in. You don’t have to be in this alone –Contact the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell today.

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